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Letter Game – Win Amazon Gift Cards – GoIndiaNews

Hi All,

Its contest time.

Game is just as simple as it sounds.

You have to post a word with Letter A, then Letter B and so on

From example

Dimer 1 : *A*viation
Dimer 2 : *B*itcoin
Dimer 3 : *C*ash

Once it reaches to Letter Z, then next dimer will start it again with Letter A and the cycle continues.

So lets see how good everyone’s vocabulary is. Also try to post words which are unique

Few Rules

A dimer can only post once in A to Z cycle.
No words should be repeated again in any cycle. Dimer will be disqualified from winning prize if its repeated

Contest starts now and it will end on 7th Feb 2020 10AM.


We will pick random 10 winners who will get Rs 50 Amazon gift cards each. Out of which we will pick 2 winners who are always posting unique words.
with unique we means words which are difficult to understand, for which we will have to google the meaning, etc

Also lets try to keep this thread clean with only words, we can discuss or post regular comments once the contest is over.

So Let me start with first word


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