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(tip & query) how to easily send goods from home by courier – GoIndiaNews

important to consider:-
printer required for printing the package slip. if you don’t have printer in your home, then you need to visit nearest internet cafe for printing the slip.

tip example: – your friend lives in telangana. you live in andhra pradesh. your friend requested some books from you. he said he would bear the required courier charges. then what will you do? follow the simple instructions mentioned below…

1) install “FreeUp – Declutter, and Get Free Stuff” app from google playstore and signup. it will ask only your mobile number for signup process.

2) after successful registration, create new post by clicking “post” option. click a picture and add it, write a similar title & description like this “my friend xxxxx requested some books from me, so i am posting some books for him”

3) share that post link to your friend. by clicking the link your friend will also join to the app & enter his delivery address and will pay the delivery chargers.

4) you will receive package slip via email. printout the package slip and attach the slip to the books parcel. courier boy will visit your location and he will pickup the parcel from you. the parcel will reach your friend within 2-6 days.

thats all. how is this? this is one of the easiest & best method I know for sending goods from home through courier. If anyone know another easiest method, please share…

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