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Isha Bora, a fashion influencer


“Isha Bora, a fashion influencer, is setting a new trend with impeccable style and grace.”

Fashion is the most sought-after field in contemporary times. More than modeling and other popular categories of fashion, social media fashion influencing is rapidly growing amidst the pandemic times. Among the mass of people going after fashion influencing, especially on popular and trending social media platforms like Instagram, it is hard to stand out in the eyes of the viewers and get a permanent fan following, which is what this talented woman has achieved through her persistence and innovations.

Isha Bora was born in the North East state of Assam and currently resides in Bangalore. After completing a literature course at Guwahati University, Bangalore, she pursued her interest in content writing and worked for renowned companies like Flipkart, Tata Consultancy Services, and a few more. After the journey of being her content writer, she found her passion in the industry of fashion. She has been a full-time fashion influencer and content creator since December 2020.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality”- Bill Cunningham.

True to the quotes, fashion has become the stress buster for many people in the depressing times of the pandemic. Bora has put a smile on the faces of many with her creative styles and artistic presentations. Her growth on Instagram progressed rapidly as she posted new and innovative fashion styles. From chic fashion style to Exotic fashion style, she has seen it all. Her videos cover all sections of fashion, from the perfect makeup for perfect occasions and incredible choices of clothes that can be worn for various events.

Hard work always beats talent. This woman is not only a talented artist; she is also hardworking with consistency and determination, which is a rare quality considering recent times. She has posted more than 300 posts till now, each of which was crafted with utmost precision to detail. As a tea lover and a lover of nature, many of her posts include a warm cup of tea in a breezy atmosphere, creating a sense of peace for the spectators seeing the picture. She is highly known for her dependable tips along with distinct and high-quality posts among the users of Instagram. The trust she has gained among her followers becomes obvious, with many of her fans describe her content as ‘authentic’ and ‘trustworthy’. Her fan following, which started off with a few people, has now attained a grand total of 34.8 k followers.

Here Instagram handle: @ishaborah

Isha is now married happily and is fulfilling her dreams of traveling, exploring new places, and gaining more experiences from the different cultures she sees along her adventurous journey. She plans to expand her trends to YouTube and post ingenious content about fashion and other genres. She aims to continue with her career of being an Instagram influencer and hopes to expand her fame further with more relatable and dependable content.

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