Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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About Us

GoIndiaNews.com, the news portal aims to reshape the online Hindi news reading experience in Hindustan with a compelling customer experience and user engagement.

GoIndiaNews.com is the India’s fastest growing online news channel in bilingual format, and has caught on to the pulse of the youth and working professionals at large. GoIndiaNews started out as a 24x7x365, local, online, news site, “GoIndiaNews.com”, which focused on the communities specially of India. In a very short span of time, it has well captured the expectations of the people of India who look out for latest breaking news on internet and seek deeper insights into more relevant issues of fast changing challenges of India today. GoIndiaNews is an aesthetically designed all colour electronic news portal editorially cover a variety of topics from Politics, Business, Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, etc. As per latest data analytics, the viewership of GoIndiaNews.com is growing at a very high impressive rate leaving a positive impression on its viewers. It distinctly stands apart from its competitors due to its beautiful packaging of news, attractive layout design and the versatility of news and features.

Even though still expanding on our online reach, we still remain relentlessly local in our approach towards news. We reach a wide, diverse, range of customers through various social media sites, and through our network of various empanelled reporters and stringers (freelance journalists, photographers, and videographers) who are regularly sending us the breaking National news events, local happenings, and advertising local business and products.